In my role as a Client Services Consultant I put my broad and long experience at my Clients disposal so that the right questions get asked at the right times.

You don't have to rely on seemingly affable people working for you and not being completely sure if they are telling you the truth whilst lining their own pockets. I can ask the right questions for you so that you can make the appropriate decisions.

I can take away any uncertainty as YOUR Consultant.

Ever wondered how to manage an office move or what's the best thing to do with the maintenance of your car park or green spaces,I can help you.

Unsure whether your offices comply with the latest legislation,do your internal records stand scrutiny because you would be shocked at how many don't.

You only find out how good they are when those procedures and records are tested and then its often too late resulting in lost legal cases,expense or fines say with former employees.

Underpinning all these capabilities is a genuine desire to produce tangible value enhancing solutions for my Clients.

If you like my approach and would like to discuss an opportunity further please contact me at

16 Linden Place




Telephone 07809702843  and feel free to have a look at my CV.

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